Special Offers:


Rent all 3 cottages  La Josselyn, L'Amelia and La Grace for the last week of school holidays  26th August to 2nd September 2017 for up to  10 people for only 1500 Euros with exclusive use of pool, a saving of over 500 euros!

Ideal for two families and their grandparents



 1 week in May, June, September and October 2017 Prices start at 350 Euros.


L' Amelia May, June, September and October  2017 462 Euros per week  for 4 people.



La Josselyn  June 2017  only  462 Euros per week for 4 people.



La Grace September and October 2017 350 Euros per week for 2 people.



Pleas note there will be a 150 Breakage Deposit and a 75 Euro Cleaning Fee