Terms and Conditions

Les Trois Petites Maison Terms and Conditions


1. Secure booking and deposit

To secure the booking of one of our holiday proposals is essential to pay a deposit of 20% of the final price. The customer will pay 56 days before the start of the holiday, to pay the balance (80%).

For bookings made 56 days before the start of the holiday, the client must pay  the 100% of the total price.

The acceptance of the reservation will be confirmed in email. .

Les Trois Petites Maisons is not liable nor pay any compensation for cancellations or change of venue caused by delays in your arrival, war, threat of war, closure of airports, civil strife, strike, natural disasters, or other events beyond our control

2. Cancellation by the participant

If for any emergency you have to cancel your holiday, we will try to sell your place to another person. However, if we fail to sell the place you've vacated, we will apply cancellation with holding listed below:

More than 56 days prior to holiday, withholding 20% of the net price of the holiday.

From 56 to 36 days prior to holiday, withholding 30% of the net price of the holiday.

Less than 35 days prior to holiday, withholding 100% of the net price of the holiday.

3. Travel Insurance

We have a liability insurance on the property, and on the activities carried out. In any case, at the time of booking, we recommend to our guests to get a travel, cancellation, and medical insurance. If you leave a holiday for any reason after it has started, we are not obliged to make any refunds for unused services.

4.Check-in and Check-out Times

 Change over day is usually Saturday during peak periods 16:00 hr check-in and 10:00 hr check-out.

5. Pets

Pet are permitted at owners discretion, but the owners must be informed on the date of booking.

 6.Breakages and Damage

 Please inform owner of any Major breakage or damage immediately.

For minor items e.g broke5n glasses please replace if possible.

A Damage deposit of 150 euros is required on arrival.

7.Cottages Capacity/Insurance

 Please do not exceed the maximum occupancy for cottages insurance policies .

e.g 4 beds =4 persons.

If you invite guest to stay at your accommodation again you must not exceed maximum occupancy and you must inform owners.

If you inform the owners prior to your stay and you do not exceed maximum occupancy there will be no charge.

Failure to do so  will incur a 40 euro per person per night charge.

Pool use is strictly for guests only staying at the cottages,our insurance does not cover visitors

8.House Rules

 Please note we charge a cleaning/Linen fee of 75 euros per cottage

This does not include:

Emptying the Dishwasher.

Disposal of Recyclables and Rubbish please use facilities provided.

Cleaning of BBQ

Cleaning up pet waste.

9.Pool Safety and Hygiene

Pool open from May to October

No glass or sharp objects in pool area.

Never leave young children unsupervised.

No flippers or sharp objects in the pool.

No Diving.

Strictly no pets in pool and fenced pool area.

Refrain from entering pool after the application of creams oils and lotion for at least 35 minutes to allow skin to absorb the product.

This  benefits the health and hygiene of the pool and other pool users.

10. Tourist Tax ( Tax de Sejour)

A Tourist Tax (Tax de Sejour) has been introduce into the Haute Vienne region from the 1st January 2019.

The tourist tax is collected on a (3%)  rate :
for tourist hotels without classification, furnished holiday accommodations without classification, tourist residency without classification, and holiday villages without classification. 
The non-flat rate is equivalent 3% of the overnight stay price per occupant (1) capped at a maximum of 1.30€. The tourist tax amount to collect from the taxable and non-exempt persons ( Persons aged 18 and over) staying against payment, equals the product of the number of nights by that rate.

(1) Cost excluding tax per person and per night = cost of the accommodation (ex-tax) for the stay / Number of nights / Number of occupants.


Tariff per night / Number of  Persons =1 Euro

Tariff Tourist Tax =3% of 1 Euro =0.03 Euro

Tourist Tax to be collect per person per night ( over 18 years ) =1 person x 1 Night = 0.03 Euro

11. Electric Vehicles

At Les Trois Petites Maisons  we have no facilities for the recharging of electric vehicles and it is not permitted to connect into the domestic supply.

12. Wifi 

Wifi  is available to all cottages password provide upon arrival.


Parking  is free and each cottage has been allocated 1 parking space there is also 1 parking space provided for day visitors if space is not already occupied.

14. Pool Closure due to drought and water restrictions

The proprietor will not be responsible to reimbursement to guest should the Government or Local Laws forbid the use of water for pool maintenance therefore forcing the closure of pool.